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Developing your brand is vital for the advancement of your career and development as a leader. Regrettably, personal branding has become a commoditized, term which has lost its intention, because people have irresponsibly used the social network as a platform to build their brand and increase their significance.

They believe the social network can instantly increase their market value because of their brand as opposed to recognizing the process of developing their name is a far more significant responsibility, a never-ending journey that goes far beyond social networking.

This is why I always advise people who wish to have a social networking presence to think cautiously about their intentions and goals before opening an account.

Why? Since the moment you begin – you shouldn’t allow yourself to stop.

What are you giving the communities you’re serving – both in and out of the workplace?

Personal branding, much like a social network, is about building a full-time dedication on a journey to help others achieve their goals and support them in their time of needs.

Your personal brand must represent the value you’re able to deliver to those whom you’re serving systematically. That does not mean self-promotion – which you ought to be generating awareness for your brand by showcasing your achievements and success stories.

Managing your brand needs you to be a voice others can rely on an, an excellent role model, and mentor.

For instance, when I write a blog or article – I’m incredibly mindful that my network of readers expects a particular experience of thought, from me. More than this, I aim to entice new readers by offering something of value which can hopefully engage them to continue reading my work.

Sounds like a great deal of pressure and also a tremendous liability to your audience, doesn’t it? Well – it’s at first – however, with time the burden becomes a natural and instinctual part of who you.

That is the state of mind you have to develop and the level of accountability you have to assume when determining to define, live and handle your brand.

Every day you know that you have to deliver to a standard of expectation which you have to establish for yourself and others. See your brand as a trademark, an asset which you must shield while continuously molding and forming it. Your name is an asset that you manage with the intent of assisting others to bless the lives of those having a relationship with you and by being associated with your work along with the industry you serve.

Are you consistently living your brand daily?

Based on a poll conducted a while back, less than 15% of individuals have, and less than 5 percent are currently living it consistently at work – every day. Why? It may be extremely challenging, and it takes a tremendous amount of self-consciousness, action, and accountability. What I did not tell you is that 70% of professionals believe they’ve defined their brand and 50% think they’re living it.

However, when you peel back the onion, you realize that their focus is self-promotion as opposed to a dedication to perfect oneself by serving others. So what exactly is a personal brand?

A personal brand is a general experience of someone having a relationship with whom you’re and what do you represent as a person, as a leader. Think about what that means to you. Allow it simmer.

Ask yourself and after that ask a close friend – what’s the total experience of having a relationship with you like?

Write the top 5 things you’d expect others to expertise and have your close friend do the same.

Every time you’re in a meeting, in a conference, networking reception or other events, you ought to be careful about what others are undergoing about you and what you want others to encounter about you. All these engagements are comparable to an employment interview – anticipate in these cases your coworkers are evaluating you.

People who know how to live and handle their brand will gain respect in almost any situation.

Nevertheless, whenever you begin to see yourself alive through the lens of a brand, your view will change and you’ll become more mindful about the way approach your brand you’re working to define and aiming to live. Do not confuse this with acting a part.

To the contrary, you ought to concentrate on being more of whom you are and wish to be so that you can execute and serve at your optimum amounts. Bear in mind that we’ve been conditioned to desire to be like others.

We are more inclined to be responsible to others and what they need us to be as opposed to being true to ourselves. 

In case your teammates or coworkers do not know exactly what your brand is, the fault is yours and not theirs.

Possessing a personal brand is a leadership requirement.

It allows you to be the best leader, an authentic leader that may create a more significant overall effect. In reality, those who have the life and defined their brand will naturally demonstrate the executive existence and as such might find themselves advancing more rapidly at work.

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